Swanson Masonry's commitment to safety is an integral part of our infrastructure. We take a proactive approach to safety, instead of reactive, to make the best possible efforts towards accident prevention, safety compliance, and health protection. It is our policy to perform every project in the safest possible manner in an attempt to prevent accidents and injuries. We believe that all accidents can be prevented provided that potential safety hazards are recognized, reported to the appropriate person, and remediated immediately.

Swanson Masonry is an active member in the Safety Partnership Agreement between OSHA and the Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis. All of our employees commit to upholding the standards of OSHA as well as the safety standards set forth by our customers and our company. Further employee participation includes ongoing safety education and training, self-evaluation and pre-planning, as well as accountability for their share in the prevention of accidents for their own personal safety, and for the safety of the environment in which they are working in.

In addition, we have hired SAFETY INTERNATIONAL, a third party safety management consulting firm. They have created and maintain an overall "safety culture" within the company. SAFETY INTERNATIONAL is the driving force of the implementation of all safety programs and onsite work safety procedures, including random job site safety inspections, placing the highest priority on maintaining a harm-free work environment.

In an effort to uphold our safety standards, Swanson Masonry practices the following:

• Member in the OSHA Safety Partnership Agreement

• Development and distribution of all safety procedures

• Continuing Safety education and training

• Site specific safety plans

• Jobsite safety inspection audits

• Near Miss Reporting System

• Accident and Incident Investigations

• Safety Disciplinary Policy and Corrective Actions

• New Hire safety training and orientation

• Drug and Alcohol testing



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